A Look at the 2003 World Craps Championships

Known to be a dice game that is popular or famous to military personnel in the early times, craps captures not just the hearts of serious gamblers but also the hearts of new casino visitors. If we will take a closer look at casinos that offer craps, we can easily determine the sections or rooms in the establishments where the game is played because most players cannot hide their emotions about their games. In this case, craps rooms are usually the sections in casinos where loud voices of players are heard.

Craps is exciting and fun to play which is some of the reasons why many new casino visitors are attracted and fascinated to the game. To discover new talents and open better opportunities to intermediate and advance players, some casinos and craps associations offer or host craps tournaments that provide big cash prizes to excellent craps players. Players are highly encouraged to participate in the tournaments because they can hone their skills through the tournaments while having the chance to increase their money.

The World Craps Championships is one of the prestigious tournaments in the world of craps. Golden Touch, a famous association of craps players, organizes this tournament. Each year, the tournament is hosted by prominent personalities in casinos. In 2003, gambling analyst and author Frank Scoblete hosted the event which make it attractive to craps players.

The 2003 World Craps Championships is participated by 167 craps players from the different parts of the world. The tournament is held for two subsequent days, which made it very conducive for craps players. Amateurs and professional craps players tried their luck in the tournament because it offers great prizes to winners.

The tournament held ten craps events. The Crapshooter Championship, The Hardway Championship, The No Sevens Championships as well as The Teams Championships are some of the events featured at the 2003 World Craps Championships. Hence, these events are supported by excellent members of Golden Touch.

At the end of the 2003 World Craps Championships, it was famous craps player Linda Mabry who won the World Craps Championship. Based on interviews of Mabry, practice and mastery of the game is very relevant to win in craps tournaments. She also believed that players' commitment is important to beat other professional craps players.

The 2003 World Craps Championships is only one of the many craps tournaments where players can showcase their skills. Other associations host craps tournaments that offer chances to players to improve their money. Above all, players are reminded that preparations for the tournaments are significant to increase their odds in playing craps.